There's a Jew in the WhiteHouse!

Doug Emhoff is not only the first second gentleman in history, but the first Jew in the president/vice president power couple. Let's celebrate Jewish power - honoring the struggle and sacrifice of generations of Jews in America, who only decades ago were explicitly or implicitly banned from universities, professions, neighborhoods, and clubs, as a direct result of racism against Jews.

Iraqis in Pajamas front woman Loolwa Khazzoom created this new song, "Jew in the White House", on Inauguration Day - incorporating an ancient Iraqi Jewish prayer with original lyrics and melody, to honor this momentous occasion. We're now turning it into a hi-tech global recording! Using your smartphone, you can join in the celebration, by videotaping yourself singing, dancing to, shouting out, or playing a musical instrument along with the chorus, "Jew in the White House!" Once we have gathered all the video submissions, we will do a new and high-quality video recording of the song, patching together all the selected contributions from across the globe.

We encourage you to be creative, playful, and original - putting your own unique stamp on this song. You can rap it, belt it out opera style, whisper it mischievously, or holler it at the top of your lungs. You can sing along with the chorus as-is or innovate your own timing on it. There are just a few ground rules; otherwise, anything goes, and HAVE FUN with it!

Artistic Ground Rules:

    1.  If you're singing or speaking the words, you have two options: Either speak/sing, "There's a Jew in the White House," or alternately, speak/sing "J-j-j-j-j-j-j Jew in the White House." You can sing or speak along with the baseline rhythm and vocals or the chorus, or you can freestyle your own musical innovation, as long as  
      1. you recite either of the two word choices above, and
      2. you keep your contribution within the parameters of 8 seconds max.

    2. If you're playing a musical instrument along to, or dancing along to, the chorus, you need to do so in rhythm with the baseline chorus of the original recording, and indicate the start and stop timestamp of where in the song you danced or played an instrument to the chorus.

    When you have completed your video on your smartphone, upload it to YouTube, then submit the link on this page. You have the option of sharing your name and contact information, so that we can get in touch with you if we want to use your contribution but may need some minor edits. We will not share your contact information under any circumstances, and we will only use your name if you explicitly indicate that you want to be credited in the video. You have the option of remaining anonymous to us as well as to the world, but if we need edits to your video submission and are unable to reach you, we will not be able to use your contribution.
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